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an informative nineteen page book with a check-list of more than 230 species, five maps, notes and directions to over forty reliable birdwatching sites in the Top End of the Northern Territory and the east Kimberley area of Western Australia. Click on 'Photos' to see the front cover of the book, then click the image to enlarge.

The five maps extend from Kakadu National Park to Katherine and Kununurra - over 1,000 kilometres of highways and side roads of up to 40 kilometres to reliable sites for the endemic, sought after and more common birds of the Top End.

Information including road conditions, available services and important telephone numbers are provided on the maps:-

Map 1: Covers the Kakadu Highway with directions to reliable sites for the major species of Kakadu National Park including Banded Fruit-Dove, White-throated Grass-Wren, White-lined Honeyeater, Sandstone-Shrike-Thrush and the prolific birdlife of the area.

Map2: The Stuart Highway from Pine Creek to Katherine shows sites for Chestnut-backed Button-Quail, Hooded Parrot, Long-tailed Finch, Masked Finch, Gouldian Finch and many more Top End species.

Map3: Covers the Victoria Highway from Katherine to Kununurra with sites for Purple-crowned Fairy-Wren, Yellow-rumped and Pictorella Mannikin, more Gouldian Finch sites and at Lake Argyle, two opportunities to see Yellow Chat and impressive numbers of waterfowl.

Map 4: Sites in and around Kununurra for White-quilled Rock-Pigeon, Star Finch, Chestnut-breasted and Yellow-rumped Mannikin, White-browed Robin and many more.

Map 5: An overview of the Top End, key to the four site maps and regional information.

This informative guide with extensive local knowledge costs $8.50 per copy or $10.00 including packing and postage. Cheques, Money Orders etc. can be made out to NT Birds.

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Good birding and safe travelling.

Mike Reed

NT Birds.

January 2004.